Exercise May Diminish Negative Impact Of High-Salt Diet On Blood Pressure

HealthDay (3/23, Mozes) reported, “Physical activity may diminish the negative impact of a high-salt diet on blood pressure,” according to a study presented Wednesday at the American Heart Association’s conference. For the study, researchers examined data on some 1,900 men and women, all of whom “consumed 3,000 mg of sodium a day in their diet; for another week” and then “were placed on a high-sodium diet — 18,000 mg per day.”
“Researchers also looked at how much physical activity the participants reported on questionnaires,” WebMD (3/23, Goodman) reported. “They found that the more physical activity a person got, the less likely they were to be sensitive to salt.” In fact, “study participants in the group that got the most physical activity had a 38% lower risk of being salt sensitive compared to those who got the least amount of physical activity.”

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