Doctor Biography

Dr. Khoa Truong is a local San Diego native who is passionate about life, fitness, and eyes. He was part of the second graduating class from Rancho Bernardo High school in 1993. Then for undergraduate studies, he graduated from UCSD in 1998 double majoring in Biology and Psychology with Magna Cum Laude honors and Phi Beta Kappa distinction. In 2002, he received his doctor of optometry degree from the UC Berkeley School of Optometry and earned high honors at most of his externships. After graduating from optometry school, he worked with an ophthalmologist to gain more knowledge on the treatment of ocular diseases and soon after became a mananging doctor for Eyexam of CA/Lenscrafters for seven years. With his Sams Club practice, he finally found his true home. He has been a member of the American Optometric Association, California Optometric Association, and San Diego Optometric Society for over twenty years. He was a member of the President’s Lions Club and used his expertise to conduct free vision screenings and health fairs for the community of San Diego. He currently has his own wellness show on Vietnamese Television (VNTV) that helps address different aspects of health. The shows can be seen our website under the tab VNTV shows. He is also on the board of directors for ACMA (Asian Culture and Media Alliance) to help empower the Asian community for a stronger voice in society.

In his leisure, he loves spending quality time with his family and friends. He is very passionate about staying healthy and helping others achieve and maintain their overall health. He enjoys his motorcycle, road cycling, mountain biking, working out at the gym, tennis, yoga, and most things that make his heart skip a beat. He lives by his own personal motto: Life is too short and precious to not enjoy every single second if possible, especially with the ones you love.

He believes in symbiotic and mutual relationships by giving the patient the best care possible. Hence, he would appreciate any kind referrals of your friends and family. He hopes to be your future eye doctor.

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