10 Tips to rejuvenate your eyes this summer

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You might have already started wearing your sunglasses and slathering on sunscreen as summer soon approaches. In spite of taking all these precautions, there are still high chances that you may end up catching an eye allergy because of the rising temperature. Here are some simple yet effective tips that you can try to rejuvenate your eyes…

1. If you get conjunctivitis or red eyes, ensure that you consult your eye doctor and use your eye drops regularly. Maintain hygiene so that it doesn’t spread to people around you. Conjunctivitis is highly contagious so try to wash your hands as much as possible.

2. Do simple eye exercises every morning. This is especially essential for those who spend hours in front of the computer screen everyday. Wash your eyes with a splash of cold water at least twice a day.

3. To relax, place cucumbers on your eyes. This will provide a lot of relief to tired eyes.

4. If you are prone to dust allergy, use an eye compress.

5. Eat a lot of green veggies and protein-rich foods — these are excellent for eye health.

6. Don’t expose your eyes directly to air conditioner. This may cause your eyes to get dry and sensitive.

7. Don’t share your makeup products, especially the ones that are applied on your eyes. This may also result in spreading infection.

8. Give yourself an eye massage. Use your thumb and index finger to give your eyes a soothing massage. Much needed this summer!

9. If you are a swimmer, make sure to wear water goggles.

10. Sleep for at least six to eight hours a day. That in itself is a good way to rejuvenate your eyes. If you suffer from dry eyes, use soothing eye drops to get some relief. Don’t forget to blink your eyes often.

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