Fitness tips for working professionals

Working professionals are often too stressed and they suffer from a lack of physical activity. Today, health tips from us will make your life easier. Today, health tips will help you boost your health if you have long working hours. Working professionals sit for long in front of a computer screen. They often neglect their … Continue reading Fitness tips for working professionals

5 Surprising Things That Make You Leaner

Want to be leaner? Good deal... here's 5 tips that will help you along... TIP 1 Ditch The Starch Starches, such as rice, potatoes, some veggies, oats, etc. are often considered "health foods." While they can be healthy, they can also pack on stomach bodyfat like crazy if you overdo them. As you may know, … Continue reading 5 Surprising Things That Make You Leaner

Muscle-shaping 101: 5 Tips

[ I love reading fresh fitness articles... and this one by Jon Benson fits the bill. You really should check this out... enjoy! } Ever heard of Rowdy Gains? Rowdy was swimmer and Olympic gold-medalist in the 1984 Olympics. But that’s not what made Rowdy special. And certainly not what makes his story worth reading … Continue reading Muscle-shaping 101: 5 Tips