Eat THIS before your workouts

[ There is a clutter of bogus weight loss and fitness information out there. That's why reading Jon Benson's articles makes sense... and his newest article (which I have his to you) really rocked my world. Check it out... ] *** Short-cut Link: *** My Favorite Foods Dietplan <== click here One of the most … Continue reading Eat THIS before your workouts

Free Stubborn Bodyfat Video

If you have stubborn bodyfat that just does not want to budge, you will find this freee video helpful. It's only 16 minutes long and covers the connection between your "hormones" and bodyfat. Not only bodyfat... Your sexual-drive, your energy, your mood, and of course issues like menopause, andropause (male menopause) and more. Give it … Continue reading Free Stubborn Bodyfat Video