Eye tips for the festive season

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The holidays can definitely present challenges to our waistline and to our actual eyeballs. Here are five eye tips to help you navigate this wonderful time of year.

1) Cut down on salty food, alcohol, and drink plenty of water. Keeping your body hydrated is vital for ocular health.

2) Essential oils are a vital part of your diet, and are crucial for tear production. Make sure you have enough eggs and oily fish etc in your diet, or consider taking a omega-3 fish supplement.

3) Placing a hot compress over closed eyes daily, helps stimulate tear production and reduces the symptoms of dry eye

4) Sleep, sleep, sleep! Tired eyes will look red and puffy and can feel really quite uncomfortable too.

5) Using relubricant drops will provide instant hydration, and also whiten and brighten dull winter eyes.

Hope you spend this time with your loved ones and please be safe.

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