Brief, Intensive Exercise May Help Lower Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors In Adolescents

Medscape Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (4/8, Kling) reported that “brief, intensive exercise is an effective way to lower cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors in adolescents, according to a study Share to FacebookShare to Twitter published online April 6 in the American Journal of Human Biology.”

HealthDay Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (4/8, Preidt) reported that after “seven weeks, teens in” a “moderate-intensity group had completed a total of 420 minutes of exercise, compared to 63 minutes for those in the high-intensity group.” All of the children in the study “showed significant improvements in cardio-respiratory fitness, blood pressure, body composition, and insulin resistance.” However, “the teens in the high-intensity group achieved those health benefits with only 15 percent of the exercise time put in by those in the moderate-intensity group.”


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