Eye on Health: Colored Contact Danger

The desire to look like celebrities might be fueling the craze for colored contact lenses. For Erica Barnes, her decision to change her look nearly cost her vision. “I couldn’t open my eyes and every time I tried it started hurting more,” says Barnes. The 14 year old had only worn them for a dayContinue reading “Eye on Health: Colored Contact Danger”

Sunglasses Necessary To Prevent Eyes From UV Damage

The Washington Post  (7/4, Butler) reported that wearing sunglasses is necessary to protect the eyes from damage from ultraviolet (UV) rays. Optometrist Michael Rosenblatt, OD, pointed out that “certain people run an elevated risk for UV damage,” particularly people “with light-colored irises.” He explained, “If you easily burn in the sun, you should think of yourself asContinue reading “Sunglasses Necessary To Prevent Eyes From UV Damage”