Independent Optometrists Continue To Thrive

The┬áNaperville (IL) Sun (6/1, Sharos) reports, “Despite corporate stores that claim to offer fast service and extra product, the independent optometrist continues to thrive — especially those who are well past their medical school years.” Optometrist Dennis DeLee, OD, “who works in Chicago in a practice he bought 11 years ago,” pointed out “advantages thatContinue reading “Independent Optometrists Continue To Thrive”

International Panel Of Experts Categorizes Cell Phones As “Possibly Carcinogenic.”

ABC World News (5/31, lead story, 3:10, Sawyer) reported, “An important new alert about the safety of cell phones and the possible risk of cancer, brain cancer in particular…comes from the World Health Organization.”┬áNBC Nightly News (5/31, lead story, 3:10, Williams) reported, the WHO “statement labeling cell phones as a possible carcinogenic hazard comes fromContinue reading “International Panel Of Experts Categorizes Cell Phones As “Possibly Carcinogenic.””