Younger Children May Respond Better To Amblyopia Treatment

MedPage Today Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (7/11, Walsh) reported, “Younger children with amblyopia respond better to treatment than do their older peers,” according to a meta-analysis Share to FacebookShare to Twitter published online July 11 in the Archives of Ophthalmology. After examining data on some 996 children, researchers found that youngsters “younger than seven had significantly greater improvements for both moderate (P<0.04) and severe (P<0.001) amblyopia than did those seven to 13.” And, “among the younger children, there were no significant differences in response between those ages three to five and those in the five and seven group for either moderate (P=0.67) or severe (P=0.09) amblyopia.” Medscape Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (7/11, Barclay) also covered the story.

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