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Video Games May Help Improve Amblyopia In Adults

Medscape Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (9/9, Waknine) reports, “Adults with amblyopia can achieve substantial improvements in visual acuity by playing video games for 40 hours,” according to a study Share to FacebookShare to Twitter published online Aug. 30 in PLoS Biology. For the National Eye Institute-supported study, “investigators placed an eye patch over the good eye in 20 adults aged 15 to 61 years and randomly assigned them to one of three intervention groups,” two of which played video games and the third which underwent traditional occlusion therapy. “Results showed that 40 hours of video play…yielded a 30% improvement in visual acuity.”

Video Games May Help Children With Lazy Eye

CBS News Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (9/3) reported that video games may be “a possible therapy to lazy eye,” according to a paper Share to FacebookShare to Twitterpublished in the August issue of the journal PLoS Biology. Researchers discovered that “participants in a pilot study playing a minimum 40 hours of video games registered improvements both in their visual acuity and 3-D depth perception.” Lazy eye is “estimated to affect two of three out of every 100 American children, according to the National Eye Institute.”